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Professional rider and trainer




Karin Huskova is an international dressage rider and trainer of Slovak origin. Her devotion to horses was clear to her from a very young age. She started riding when she was eight and has not stopped since. Despite not coming from a family of the equestrian world, she has contributed to making them interested in the matter. To this day, her parents are an essential support for her, being also an important part of the company KHequuproject, in which she teaches.

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Huskova began competing on a national level in 2010: she was part of the technical plans of the Spanish federation and ran in the finals of the Spanish championships. The RFHE (Royal Equestrian Spanish Federation) quickly showed interest in her and asked for her  change of nationality (formerly Slovak) in order to represent them. In 2016 she was integrated into the RFHE Elite Plan and started to participate in international shows. That same year she was picked to be the reserve for European teams, which has happened each year until 2019 with different horses. In 2020 she was one of the official members of the U25 Spanish Team for the Eueopean Dressage Championship.

She was selected by the federation to compete and represent Spain in the CDIs of Nice, Pompadour, Ponte de Lima and Lisbon in the categories of Young Riders (Prix St. George) and Under25 Grand Prix. In the Spanish Championships her success has landed her a place amongst the Top 5 in recent years.


Most important

  • Member of the Spanish U25 Team at the European Championship (Hungary)
  • Bronze medal in Inter II and Kur GP in U25 in the Spanish Championship
  • 4th place in Grand Prix  at Madrid´s Championship
  • 3rd place CDI Lisboa GP U25
  • Silver medal in the GP u25 and Kur GP of the Spanish Youth Championship
  • 6th place in the section of 5 year old of the Spanish Championship of Young Horses 
  • 4th place in the Grand Prix of Madrid´s Championship
  • Champion of Canary Islands in Juniors 0 *, 2012
  • Champion of Canary Islands in Juniors 1 *, 2013
  • Runner-up of Canary Islands in Juniors 1 *, 2014
  • Since 2015 in the TOP 5 of  Spanish Championships (Juniors 2015, Young Riders 2016, 2017 and 2018, GP u25 2019 and 2020)
  • Gold at CDI Nice YR 2016
  • Selected as a possible reserve for the Spanish YR Team for the European Championship 2016
  • 6th place at the CDI Pompadour YR Team Test 2017
  • Reserve of the Spanish YR Team for the European Championship (Netherlands) 2017
  • Selected as a possible reserve of the Spanish YR Team for the European Championship 2018
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Dressage is her specialty. She worked in England for 1 year for the Olympic Rider Vicky Thompson at Oldencraig Equestrian Centre (voted in the TOP 5 best equestrian centers in the world by the Financial Times). In Spain, she has been under the addresses of Antonio Vázquez (4 years), Samuel Delgado (1 year), Carlos Torrell (3 years, 1 as a helper and 2 as business partner when renting the yard, being in charge of everything and cooperating together) and Jose Carlos Castillo (2 years and continuing to the present).

She has experience in breaking foals and taking their training from the basics to the Grand Prix, as well as working with horses of all levels both PRE and warmbloods.
She always engages with her students trying to get the best out of them, helping them reach their goals and transmitting to them all the theory and technique acquired throughout all her years in the equestrian world.

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Huskova is a great rider nationally and internationally, with a professional image, which can offer great scope and visibility to any sponsoring brand.

Marketing options will be applied in the equine transport truck, in the stables (box curtains), riding clothes of the rider and on social media, as well as constant appearance in national and international press.

She has worked with major brands in the equestrian sector, such as Sculpturewoyto, with which she currently works, and continues to look for new collaboration opportunities.